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Are you healthy and happy?

Do you wish days had more than 24 hrs to allow you to get everything done?do you want a healthy lifestyle but you have a busy schedule? if yes ,than its for you

Healthy lifestyle with busy schedule. People want to be healthier but they don’t know how to do this. So here are some tips and tricks for our busy bees;

To do list

Making a list of your work is a great way to focus on your time. You can divide your time according to your activities e.g T.V series or cooking etc. Then number each activity and find how much priority is for your own self

Use smaller bowls and plates but taller glass

According to the research of University of Cambridge using small dishes we consume upto 29% of less calories per day. Our brain think that we are eating same amount of food but the reality is we are having less portion

Water before meal

In 2015,the general obesity published a study that revealed drinking two full cups of water a half hour before your meal cause moderate weight loss after 2 weeks .

Water also keep body hydrated which helps in joint health, headache and waste removal.

Less can be more

To have a fit and healthy lifestyle it’s not important to work for hours 30 mins a day are enough to shed pounds

Researchers say that those who exercise 30 mins a day actually burn more calories than they should according to their workout routine.

Plan your meal

Meal planning is important in a healthy routine . If you will not not plan your meal than you will make last minute decision on what to eat and you will definitely end up having unhealthy food and that brings to an unhealthy routine.

Find quick healthy recipes

On the days when you arrive home late and you still have to troll over a hot oven ,that’s not fun . Learn some easy good recepies e.g Maxican salad or Italian Quinoa salad and make sure that you don’t go for an unhealthy snack

Ditch bad habits

If you are exercising daily and having a good diet plan but you are not giving up your bad habits then nothing will work for you.

Do you smoke? Are you indulge in sweets?or you are exaggerated with alcohol?

I know it’s really difficult to leave these habits but just think how harmful they are . It’s difficult but not impossible.

  • You can switch chocolate with dark chocolate
  • Use natural sweetener ( honey,Stevia)
  • Eat more dry fruits
Eat best leave rest


  • Individual with regular exercise has an improved sence of general well being.They has an enhance self image
  • Physical fitness in the investment one can make for a long healthy life.